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HMD/Contact Post

How's My Flying?

So how am I doing with Noelle? As a minor character, her personality is a bit more open to interpretation, true, but everything still needs to have its basis in canon and it certainly does not mean anything goes. So if you have any tips, any concrit or feedback, let me know here!

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Appointments Post

Have a thread we never got the time to do or we don't want to make an entry/log for? Recaptcha on an event post you don't want to deal with? Well, that's what this post is for!

Just leave the date and format of the thread and have at! Also if we're coming from elsewhere if you could include a link to the thread we're coming from I'll be hugely appreciative. |D

Thanks, and have at!

Second Flight - [Voice]

[An evening stroll for some fresh air outside the apartment reveals something a little bit different than what was expected, for Noelle. Lights, lights everywhere. On the trees, on the houses... it's like the village was suddenly lit up with several thousand fonstone lamps, like part of the Fon Belt itself had come down to illuminate the buildings.

She has to admit, she's a little confused. It seemed innocuous enough, yet so had those things at the top of their journals, a couple weeks ago. She flips open her journal]

Does anyone know what these lights are about? Are they another experiment?

First Flight - [Video]

[The voice feed pops up first though there's not much to hear, then quickly switches to video to show a confused blonde girl. It looks like she's testing buttons, though it's clear from the look on her face she's dissatisfied with the results.]

I don't think this is going to be much use... it looks like a book, but on the inside... I can't really tell what it's supposed to be. [she sets the journal aside, to reveal a man, silver-haired but still young] Besides, we need to find where we are and how to get back.

Should we start walking? If someone lost that book, then there's bound to be a town nearby... or at least a road.

[The second person pulls himself to his feet, clearly favoring an injured arm. He stops only to retrieve another journal before slowly making his way over.]

Yes, that'd probably be best... Just let me know if you're not feeling well, okay? Oh... there's another one?

I'm fine, Noelle. And you'll be the first to know the minute I'm not. [he holds it out] Yes, just laying there. Which way?

[[ooc; joint intro with Noelle and Ginji! Replies will come from both this account and albioreiii]]

luceti Application


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